Miyazawa *RARE* 25th Anniversary Silver Plated Flute with Gold Lip Plate and Solid Silver Headjoint


Miyazawa flutes are known to be handcrafted and made at the highest level. This piece is quite beautiful with a 9k gold plated lip plate and solid silver head joint, along with a silver plated body and mechanisms. The 25th anniversary from 1994 is very rare and difficult to find. It closely resembles to the modern 202 model that is currently made by Miyazawa. It differs with the older style of key design and tenon rings for the 25th anniversary. It was customized to have the C foot and closed holes, which differed from the other handmade 25th anniversary models. It also comes with the original french style case and cover. The flute has been used and has some normal cosmetic scratches. The pads look great and it plays like a dream. With a C foot, offset G, and closed holes, it is a student model flute, but an amazing one. An incredible collectors item and beautiful sounding instrument.


Weight:  10.00
Price: $2,195.00