Yamaha YTR-8335IRS Professional Xeno Custom Trumpet


The Yamaha trumpet lineup demonstrates the company's commitment to vertical integration, the top-down design approach that allows players to have a smoother transition from student, to step-up, to Artist Model trumpets as they progress through their musical journey. Yamaha Standard trumpets feature a laser-fused, pluzuma-welded bell for continuous, even vibrations in all registers. Honed valves ensure a precise, airtight fit between valve casings and pistons. The gold-brass leadpipe and monel alloy pistons are corrosion resistant. Yamaha Intermediate models feature the same durable materials as the Standard models, but also have hand-lapped valves and slides for precise action, a technique used all the way up to Artist Model trumpets. Yamaha Professional standard weight trumpets feature a one-piece bell and a one-piece drawn gold-brass leadpipe for exceptional tone and response. Yamaha Custom, Xeno and Artist Model trumpets feature fine-tuned specifications designed to meet the needs of professional and aspiring professional players.



Custom Xeno Trumpet; key of Bb; silver-plated; .459" bore; one-piece 4-7/8" yellow brass bell; monel alloy pistons; reversed leadpipe; main tuning slide brace; TRC-801E case; 16C4 mouthpiece


Weight:  0.00
Price: $3,336.99